Your Place ,Your Story


I started  IrelandFoundTM in 2013 , making my first experimental three- dimensional  IrelandFoundTMartworks using found objects. I developed the art form in response to my own attachment to place and landscape and also in the realisation that particular places are important to people and are often a central part of happy memories and intense emotions. 

Many people can relate to the experience of slipping a little stone from an old wall into their pocket or filling a bottle with sand from a special beach to take home in their suitcase. Like any memento, I believe the tangible object makes a deeper connection with place and the collected thing can bring an additional intimacy and meaning to an artwork, helping to keep an important memory alive or unexpectedly remind us of a happy experience.

With  IrelandFoundtmartworks I combine those specially collected items with original photographs and a personal Story Booklet to make a unique gift, framed and fully finished.