The Artwork

An IrelandFound™ is an original mixed media artwork, created personally by me in the Wicklow countryside.

The works combine original photographs with hand drawn detail in soft pastel, crayon or paint. Decorative materials such as beads, papers and fabrics are then combined with natural and found materials from the local landscape such as beech or birch twig, shingle, shell, pottery or glass fragments and added to the composition, giving you a unique work directly linked to the Irish Landscape.

The Inspiration

I think inspiration can come from many and unlikely sources, but often with this work it’s the photo that taps the memory and suggests the texture and composition of the finished work. Once a central theme emerges, it’s an intuitive process to work with my collection of decorative items to try and achieve realistic depth and scale.

The Story Booklet

The idea of the story booklet is to provide context and connection with the location and different elements of the work and also information and references should you wish to find out more. Preparing concise content for the story booklet adds a fascinating and whole new dimension to the making of the work, validating personal knowledge and researching new areas of social history, geology and botany for example. Each work has a unique Story Booklet put together from my ever- expanding database.

Preserving and Storing Collected Materials

When I get the materials home, they need to be carefully cleaned, warm air dried and sometimes treated with a sealant to preserve them. When this is complete they are returned to their labelled bags and filed away ready for use.

Collecting the materials

Collecting the materials is an ongoing odyssey and a fascinating learning experience, taking me to all corners of the country, in and out of streams, woods, bogs and along beaches.

Most of the materials are naturally occurring, products of the trees and plants or the underlying geology, but storms and excavations yield interesting finds too.

The authenticity of the collected materials is hugely important to me in making that ‘real’ connection for you when you buy the work. Every material collected is bagged and labelled in situ and sometimes the site photographed also.